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Horizons Savannah provides a multi-year, tuition-free solution that supports children and their families from pre-kindergarten through high school graduation over the summer, after school, and on weekends throughout the year.

Horizons Summer Program

  • Highly engaging, culturally relevant academics with concentrations in reading, math, cultural studies, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)
  • Social emotional learning and support to address the needs of the whole student
  • Swimming lessons and competitive swimming opportunities

Horizons School Year Programs

  • Saturday programming for current Horizons students
  • In-school Early Literacy Book Club for 1st grade students in the district to encourage reading and connect with families that may be eligible for our summer program
  • Weekly after school programs to increase access to enrichment opportunities like dance, music lessons and sports for families unable to pay for these opportunities

Horizons High School Program

  • Support for students that have completed the K-8 program
  • Connection to positive peer groups
  • Pro-social activities 
  • College and career readiness and planning assistance
  • Volunteer and work training opportunities in the field of youth development and swimming


  • Addressing the inequity of students access to learn to swim by providing our students with free swimming lessons
  • Providing the opportunity to build confidence and life-saving skills through learning to swim