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Mission: Horizons Savannah Alumni Council (HYAC) aims to include young alumni members in the decision-making structure of the Horizons Savannah Board of Directors (Board). As a member, young alumni can contribute their ideas and use their skills to make a positive impact on youth, their community, and Horizons Savannah. 

Vision: To give young adults the opportunity to help advocate, evolve, and give back to their community and Horizons Savannah, with the hopes of creating a better future for future generations. 

HYAC is composed of young alumni of the Horizons Savannah program. These young alumni are given the opportunity to work  on outreach, volunteerism, communication with other alumni, fundraising, and other opportunities aligned with the HYAC’s mission and vision. 

This HYAC was created to give young alumni the opportunity to use their strengths and voices to  advocate for youth during the planning and decisions officiated by the Board. We strongly believe that the youth of today have unique talents and perspectives that can improve the world around us, shaping a brighter future. For this reason, the HYAC serves as a bridge between alumni and the Board. 

Email us to find out more about the HYAC and join.