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The Horizons Savannah transformational, community-centered approach is proven to close the opportunity gap for children and help them achieve their goals in school and life.

Research attributes summer learning loss as the cause for much of the gap between affluent students and their peers with less resources. In recent years many students have also experienced what is now called the COVID slide: an erosion of academic, social, and emotional skills due to disrupted schooling caused by the pandemic, particularly for students in communities most affected by school closures. This cumulative erosion of academic skills over the summer months, which over time can leave students years behind in school, also contributes to chronic absenteeism and high school drop-out rates.

On average, a student who does not experience enriching summer activities can lose up to 2 months in academic skills. And because support for students during and outside of school is not accessible to many students and families, many students never regain these lost skills, setting them further behind each year.

Last year, only 51% of SCCPSS graduates met the criteria for being college or career ready with only 26% of graduating students entering the technical or university system of Georgia without needed remediation

Horizons Savannah stands-out for offering a high impact, tuition-free academic and enrichment program, that cost effectively empowers students with the skills and confidence for lifelong success.