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Voices of Horizons Savannah

Find out more about the Horizons community by reading our stories. 

Jena- Alumni

Jena found a support system at Horizons- teachers that challenged her, academics that inspired her future, a talent for teaching others to swim and people to help her along her journey. Read more...

Kameelah-  Student

Kameelah's Horizons community kept her spirits up throughout the 2020 summer. She is hopeful for a return to in-person programming this summer, especially her favorite- hands on STEAM projects. Read more...

Gabi- Volunteer

Gabi's time as a high school volunteer with Horizons taught her compassion. Her work helped other students become more confident learners and the connections she made have had a lasting influence. Read more...

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Bernessa- Parent

Bernessa is now a Horizons parent, and sees tremendous growth in her daughter's academic ability. But she was once a Horizons Co-Teacher, part of a family legacy at Horizons Savannah. Read more...

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